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yogurtlady conversation

Conversation with the yogurtlady in my localcornershop after work today (in Georgian!): Lady: Aron, how are you?! A: Fine thank you, how are you? Lady: Fine! Where have you been (lately)? A: Working.. Lady: Do you need water? A: No, … Continue reading

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how to slaughter a chicken?

One morning as I went off to work, my neighbour Nargiza called on me. Aron! I was a little late as usual, but I always had time for a little chat with my neighbours: – Aron, can you slaughter a … Continue reading

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a week without facebook

I like to challenge myself to various things; finding that challenges leads to growth and deeper insight. My life in Georgia offers a unique opportunity for this kind of practice. Noticing that I often log on to facebook to relieve … Continue reading

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