a week without facebook

I like to challenge myself to various things; finding that challenges leads to growth and deeper insight. My life in Georgia offers a unique opportunity for this kind of practice.

Noticing that I often log on to facebook to relieve myself of boredom or other unpleasant feelings, I challenged myself to a week without facebook, and without other distractions such as TV, youtube, books, newspapers, radio, music and without stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and sweets.

It’s been really worthwhile. Merely setting a challenge and living up to it strengthens my trust in myself and tells me about my current boundaries, discipline and determination.

The effect? A stronger connection to the present moment, to what I’m feeling right now and clarity about where I am in life. It also allowed a much stronger focus and fullness to my present tasks, e.g. exercise for 90 minutes – doing it fully, not thinking about what’s next; meditating 30 minutes – fully; eating slowly, enjoying every bite. Whilst at times quite boring, also very sweet and enjoyable, experiencing the rich flavour of the small things in life.

My intention is to build on this throughout March, with a minimum of facebook time during weekdays, preferably none at all. (It will be interesting to see how I live up to this intention, without strict boundaries of what I am ‘allowed’ to do and what not..). Additionally: no coffee throughout March.

Ok. Time to log in again 😉


About wangaa

A couple of years ago some people I know unanimously said that “Aron, he’s a seeker.” At the time that was undoubtedly true, but since then I think that aspect of me has subsided somewhat. I’ve taken some time off and explored the world within and without, and through the support of beautiful teachers, friends, family, books and practice I found more clarity in life. So grateful for this journey! Perhaps this blogg will serve as inspiration or reflection for a reader, perhaps someone simply is interested in what I'm up to. But it is also very much for myself. For I am searching in waters which are not known to me, and should I sail astray, hopefully this blogg can track me back to safer waters.
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