yogurtlady conversation

Conversation with the yogurtlady in my localcornershop after work today (in Georgian!):my cornershop

Lady: Aron, how are you?!
A: Fine thank you, how are you?
Lady: Fine! Where have you been (lately)?
A: Working..
Lady: Do you need water?
A: No, not today, only eggs

alcohol, tea, coffee, soda, yogurt, eggs, water, sweets...Then she murmur to the first custumer in line, loud enough for me to hear; “He’s from Sweden but he speaks Georgian.” She says that to someone everytime I come in there, it’s hilarious. The custumer then looked up at me and asked, “You speak Georgian?”. “A little bit” I’ll answered. Exactly this always happens; soon as the conversation continues I’ll get lost and we’ll all break out in laughter and take it in Russian from there.Lali - my yogurtladyfriend

Small things like this make my day. Indeed Georgians are warm-hearted and open which make small encounters like this really memorable.


About wangaa

A couple of years ago some people I know unanimously said that “Aron, he’s a seeker.” At the time that was undoubtedly true, but since then I think that aspect of me has subsided somewhat. I’ve taken some time off and explored the world within and without, and through the support of beautiful teachers, friends, family, books and practice I found more clarity in life. So grateful for this journey! Perhaps this blogg will serve as inspiration or reflection for a reader, perhaps someone simply is interested in what I'm up to. But it is also very much for myself. For I am searching in waters which are not known to me, and should I sail astray, hopefully this blogg can track me back to safer waters.
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2 Responses to yogurtlady conversation

  1. Nika says:

    I love what you write and I appreciate it so much. I am happy that you liked Georgia and keep being that way 🙂

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