Amazing weekend excursion to Shatili with my best friends here in Georgia. To get there you need a 4×4 – the road was quite decent for most of the journey, although steep below made my passenger behind me a bit tense from time to time. We stopped overnight in Korsha before reaching the 2700 m pass.


Mutso village. Exemplifying the Caucasus, located on top of a steep hill, it must have been nearly impossible for invaders to intrude. Don’t think it was a coincidence they chose this location, as opposed to the riverbed in the valley below..

Shatili is located in a very remote and isolated area, with roads closed off for 9 months of the year. If I remember correctly, the wintertime population is around 30-50 people. Shatili is located in the K

hevshureti region with a population which identifies itself as Khevshurs. There are currently only about 1500-2000 Khevshurs, a large portion of which live in Tbilisi or Kakheti. A local resident showed us his privately build ethnological museum and explained that some were still dressed in medieval-looking body-armours and swords until about 1960 (!). Very intriguing place.


Shatili – inhabited since the7th century. The houses on the pictures were abandoned about one or two generations ago, when the Soviet regime funded modern housing nearby. What an amazing place! Chechnya in the background


About wangaa

A couple of years ago some people I know unanimously said that “Aron, he’s a seeker.” At the time that was undoubtedly true, but since then I think that aspect of me has subsided somewhat. I’ve taken some time off and explored the world within and without, and through the support of beautiful teachers, friends, family, books and practice I found more clarity in life. So grateful for this journey! Perhaps this blogg will serve as inspiration or reflection for a reader, perhaps someone simply is interested in what I'm up to. But it is also very much for myself. For I am searching in waters which are not known to me, and should I sail astray, hopefully this blogg can track me back to safer waters.
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