Evening walk

Last night I took an evening walk to Mtatsminda park above the Old town. It was getting dark and I met a bunch of young men, each carrying beers and snacks. They were walking quite quickly on the pedestrian path in the woods as if a hurry. In their rush, they all stopped to do the cross sign as they approached a small christian shrine. So peculiar! Then they continued on to find place to sit and enjoy their drinks, snacks and company.shrine

You’ll see it everywhere, people making the cross signs. I love seeing when the kids are rushing to school stopping to quickly to the cross sign when they see a church.


About wangaa

A couple of years ago some people I know unanimously said that “Aron, he’s a seeker.” At the time that was undoubtedly true, but since then I think that aspect of me has subsided somewhat. I’ve taken some time off and explored the world within and without, and through the support of beautiful teachers, friends, family, books and practice I found more clarity in life. So grateful for this journey! Perhaps this blogg will serve as inspiration or reflection for a reader, perhaps someone simply is interested in what I'm up to. But it is also very much for myself. For I am searching in waters which are not known to me, and should I sail astray, hopefully this blogg can track me back to safer waters.
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